Ledger Infrastructure for Modern Applications

Sequence is a system of record for managing balances. It lets software teams focus on shipping and scaling their product instead of building and maintaining ledger infrastructure.

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What Can You Build on Sequence?

Sequence combines the convenience of the cloud with the security of cryptographic transaction signing, making it easy to build, operate, and scale forward-thinking products in finance and commerce.

A Mobile Wallet

Store and transact user balances.

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A Ride-Sharing Service

Manage consumer and driver balances.

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A Lending Platform

Issue and service loans.

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A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Securely custody client funds.

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Grow your business

A Better Model for Managing Balances

Sequence eliminates the burden of ledger infrastructure management, so software teams can shift their attention on shipping and scaling their products and services.

Assets in Accounts…

Balances in Sequence are represented by token-like objects called assets. Assets are created, transferred, and retired. To ensure atomicity, a single transaction can include multiple actions involving any number of assets and accounts.

…Controlled by Keys in Enclaves

Cryptographic keys, which create and control assets and accounts, are managed in secure enclaves. Key access can be distributed across users, services, and organizations so multiple entities can transact on the same ledger with “least authority.”

Built for Developers

What Are Keys?

Transactions in the ledger are authenticated by cryptographic keys. To create a key, provide an alias (a unique identifier).

1Key key = new Key.Builder()
2            .setAlias("my_key")
3            .create(ledger);

What Are Accounts?

Accounts represent entities in the ledger and can hold balances of many assets. To create an account, provide an alias (a unique identifier) and one or more keys. Here we create an account for Alice.

1Account alice = new Account.Builder()
2            .setAlias("alice")
3            .addKey(key)
4            .create(ledger);

What Are Assets?

Assets represent different types of balances in the ledger. To create an asset, provide an alias (a unique identifier) and one or more keys. Here we create a USD asset.

1Asset usd = new Asset.Builder()
2            .setAlias("usd")
3            .addKey(key)
4            .create(ledger);

What Are Transactions?

Transactions are atomic ledger updates that issue, transfer, and/or retire assets in the ledger. A transaction is comprised of one or more actions. Here is a transfer of USD from Alice to Bob.

1Transaction tx = new Transaction.Builder()
2            .addAction(new Transaction.Builder.Action.Transfer()
3              .setAssetAlias("usd")
4              .setAmount(10)
5              .setSourceAccountAlias("alice")
6              .setDestinationAccountAlias("bob")
7            ).transact(ledger);

What Are Queries?

Data structures in Sequence are represented as key-value JSON objects. To retrieve data, you perform a query with optional parameters. By default, each query returns a time-ordered list of objects beginning with the most recent. Here’s a query for the amount of USD in Alice's account.

1Balance.ItemIterable balances = new Balance.QueryBuilder()
2            .setFilter("asset_alias=$1 AND account_alias=$2")
3            .addFilterParameter("usd")
4            .addFilterParameter("alice")
5            .addSumByField("asset_alias")
6            .getIterable(ledger);
7          for (Balance balance : balances) {
8            ...
9          }

A Powerful System of Record

Cryptographic Integrity

Atomic and signed transactions form immutable history.


Easily add accounts, asset types, contracts, keys, and entities to your ledger.

Programmable Transactions

Control assets with business logic executed by the Sequence VM.


High throughput and low latency for enterprise-scale.


Parquet integration, customized reports, and summary analytics.

Developer Experience

SDKs in several languages, detailed docs, and easy-to-use dashboards.

One-Stop Solution

Move Fast, Break Nothing

Our systems are built to meet the demands of our client’s business. We are a one-stop solution for all elements of the blockchain’s infrastructure, allowing you to plan and expand your business, without spending too much time worrying about the underlying technology of your platform.

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