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Supporting individuals and charitable organizations worldwide through the power of crypto and blockchain.

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Our Impact

We help countless organizations and communities around the world that are in need of immediate assistance, that would otherwise take days to reach through the traditional financial system. Chain Gives uses blockchain technology to send funds swiftly and securely to those in need.


We are on a mission to help countless people around the world through donations to charitable organizations.

Difference Makers

We believe we can make positive impacts on individuals and families worldwide through our contributions and organizations we support.

Production support services

With the power of crypto and blockchain we can rapidly send funds to those individuals and organizations.

Lead By Example

We want to inspire other Web3 companies to give back to the community by utilizing blockchain’s revolutionary technology. Crypto donations are proven to be more inclusive to individuals without access to traditional banks, as well as more transparent, timely, and efficient.

Supporting Ukraine

Chain supports displaced communities in Ukraine by sending crypto safely and rapidly to those impacted by political unrest.

Working with REFORM

We support the REFORM Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to probation, parole, and sentencing reform in the U.S.A.

COVID Support

After the 2020 pandemic, millions of people around their world lost family members and steady income. Chain will continue to support those dealing with the after effects of COVID-19.

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